Women's Cross Country

Women’s Cross Country 8th in the Nation for NCCAA

Women’s Cross Country 8th in the Nation for NCCAA

Houghton, NY - The Emmanuel Women's Cross Country team has had a strong finish to their season with an impressive 8th place finish at the 5k NCCAA National Cross Country Championship in Houghton, New York. Emmanuel built on their 10th place finish (out of seventeen teams) in 2014, placing 8th out of 21 teams with a total time of 1:43:02, and an average time of 20:36. Senior Jazmin Konnick placed first out of the Emmanuel runners, and 42nd overall out of 142 runners. Konnick had this to say of the occasion "Today we knew what we had to do. We came out to run for God and run for each other. That's exactly what we did. For many of us, this was our last career race so we were focused from the start. We ran tough through the cold which allowed us to finish 8th overall. That place is better than last years. I couldn't be prouder of our team today!" Senior Kiara Hernandez reflected on the day saying "it's definitely closing on a high note for our career, God had his hand on our team at the beginning of the season and He did today when we cashed out all of our hard work." The impressive individual results of each runner are poster below.

Coach Ben Hall was proud of his runners, saying "Our women came together the night before the race and committed to running for one another and for Christ. I think they did that this morning. I'm proud of how they competed and we have our highest ever finish this year!"


 (1) Konnick, Jazmin (Senior) 42nd place, average pace 6:25.8 overall time 19:58

(2) Toole, Lindsey (Senior) 47th place, average pace 6:30 overall time 20:12


(3) Hewell, Makayla (Freshman) 66th place, average pace 6:43, overall time 20:53


(4) Ruiz, Socorro (Senior) 67th place, average pace 6:44 overall time 20:57


(5) Hill, Gabriella (Senior) 72nd place, average pace 6:45 overall time 21:00


(6) Hernandez, Kiara (senior) 76th place, average pace 6:48 overall time 21:09


Congratulations to Jazmin, Lindsay, Coco, Gabby and Kiara for finishing their cross country careers on such a positive note! 



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