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Emmanuel College Lions

Lady Lions Dominate Flying Fleet

Lady Lions Dominate Flying Fleet

Due West, SC. —The Emmanuel College Women's Tennis Team traveled to Erskine College for their second conference match on Thursday afternoon. The Lady Lions defeated the Flying Fleet 5-2.

Thanks to a lot of determination, smart play, and focus from all the girls, the Emmanuel Women's Team dominated Erskine College.  

Double number one composed by Chloe O'Connor and Fantine Botella was the first one to finish their match without any difficulties. Thanks to a lot of pouches from O'Connor at the net and aggressive forehand from Botella, the seniors won 6-1.

For Double #2, it was a different scenario, senior Pearllan Cipriano and freshman Lauren Castillon had to face aggressive players and struggled to impose their game style. After a good fight, the duo lost 6-3.

Double #3 composed by Katharina Kiderlen and Marta Rozados were the last ones still playing. After being down 4-1, the duo made a comeback thanks to a lot of energy at the net from Kiderlen and consistency from Rozados at the baseline. The double's team managed to overcome their opponent 7-5. 

Double number 4 composed by Maria Raich and Victoria Silva had the chance to play an exhibition match. The duo did not give any chance to score to their opponent and won 6-0.

After the doubles, the Lady Lions were now up 1-0 and were ready to give everything for their singles. 

Playing number 5 singles was Freshman Lauren Castillon who was paired against a solid opponent. Lauren's aggressive backhand was not enough to defeat her opponent and lost 6-1, 6-0.

Single number 1 was played by Fantine Botella who managed to impose her game style from the beginning. Thanks to a lot of aggressive forehands and patience Botella dominated her opponent 6-2, 6-4. 

Pearllan Cipriano was playing single number 2. Thanks to a lot of consistency from the baseline Cipriano defeated her opponent 6-2, 6-4. 

#4 single was the junior Maria Raich who gave the team the fourth point by defeating her opponent. After a lot of patience, consistency and aggressive shots from the baseline, the junior dominated her opponent without any difficulties, 6-1, 6-3. 

Victoria Silva playing number 6 had a tougher match as she lost the first 6-4, but the junior did not give up. Victoria managed to switch her game in the second set and used her consistency to dominate her opponent. Silva won the second set 6-4 and went to a tiebreaker for the third set that she won without any trouble, the Lady Lions brought the fifth point to the team by winning 4-6, 6-4, 10-1.

Number 3 single played by Marta Rozados was the last one still playing, after losing the first set 6-4 Rozados came back by being more patient and waiting for the right ball to attack. Thanks to a lot of good serves and aggressive shots Marta won the second set 7-5. The third set was a tiebreaker, Marta kept her game style but unfortunately, her opponent was getting more consistent at the end of the match and defeated our Lion. After a tough fight, Marta lost 6-4, 5-7, 10-6.

Playing number 7 was Katharina Kiderlen who was playing an exhibition match. After a tight beginning of the match, the senior managed to win the first set 6-4. Using a lot of aggressive shots in the second set, Kiderlen defeated her opponent 6-4, 6-1.   

The Lady Lions finished the day with a 5-2 win against Erskine College. 

The Women's Tennis Team will be hosting their first match of the season on Tuesday 19th against North Greenville University for their third conference match.


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