Lady Lions Fall to Division I Furman

Lady Lions Fall to Division I Furman

GREENVILLE, S.C.- On Sunday, February 3rd the Emmanuel College Women's Tennis Team opened the season against Furman University a Division 1 school. After a good fight and determined attitudes on every court, the lady lions sadly could not manage to find any solutions against the Furman Paladins. 

The Lady Lions worked hard during the pre-season in January, and it was clearly seen on the tennis courts today as each and every player was ready to bring home the win. There was vast improvement that was seen from the three weeks of hard grind, but it was not enough to defeat the Paladins. However, the Lady Lions did take many positive points away from today's matches. 

The number 2 doubles composed of freshman Lauren Castillon du Perron from France and Junior Maria Raich from Spain dropped the first double. Maria and Lauren defended really well but they came up short and lost the first doubles 6-1. 

Number 1 double composed by seniors Fantine Botella and Chloe O'Connor had a tough beginning, and were down 4-1 but fought hard, and managed to come back 4-5. After good offensive shots from their opponents, O'Connor and Botella dropped their double 6-4. 

On court Number 3 the scenario was different with Freshman Marta Rozados from Spain, and Katharina Kiderlen. Doubles 3 managed to dominate their opponents thanks to good set ups from the baseline by Rozados and offensive volleys from Kiderlen. The lady lions were leading 5-3 with a match point when they had to stop once the doubles were clinched. 

The Lady Lions were now down 1-0 after the doubles but they did not give up and were ready for a good fight for their singles. 

Rozados #3 was the first one to drop her match, her strong serve was not enough to bother her opponent and lost 6-2 6-0. 

Followed by #5 Castillon du Perron who was the next one to drop her singles and after much action at the net by freshman Lauren, her opponent still managed to bother her and defeated Lauren 6-0 6-2. 

On court 6 Kiderlen could not find any solutions against a tough opponent and dropped her match 6-1 6-1. 

Maria Raich #4 also had a good match after a lot of consistency from the baseline, but her opponent managed to be more offensive and defeated our junior 6-1 6-1. 

Cipriano #2 bothered her opponent in the first set thanks to a lot of consistency by Pearllan. The first set was tight and Cipriano dropped the first it 6-4 after a tough battle and the second set 6-1. 

Botella #1 was the last one playing, and after a lot of offensive shots from our senior, her opponent stayed really solid and defeated Botella 6-2 6-1.  

The Lady Lions finished the day with an 7-0 loss against Furman. 

EC's Women's Tennis Team will travel to Spartanburg, South Carolina next Saturday, February 9th against Wofford College, another Division 1 school.  

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