Flint and Schmall Go Undefeated At Newberry Duals.

Flint and Schmall Go Undefeated At Newberry Duals.

NEWBERRY, S.C. - The Emmanuel College men's wrestling team took on Newberry College, Bellarmine University, and Southeastern University at the Newberry Duals on Sunday. Despite falling short 0-3 against their opponents, several Lions had standout performances. 

Sophomore Dalton Flint started off his 3-0 run with a 5-4 decision win over the #8 Intermat NCAA DII National Ranked Gage Branson of Bellarmine University. Flint followed up with two more decision wins over David Giantono of Newberry (Dec 6-4) and Jake Watters of Southeastern University (Dec 6-0).

Matt Schmall also had a clean sweep over the weekend. Schmall defeated Gavin Grime of Bellarmine (Dec 5-0), Nick Giantono of Newberry (Dec 11-9), and Tyler Person of Southeastern (Fall 0:39).

Kevin Almond also notched two decision wins against Newberry College and Bellarmine.

The men will continue action at home on December, 11th with a dual against Huntingdon College at 2:00pm.

Full list of results below:

Newberry College 30         Emmanuel College 12

125 Austin Neal (Newberry) over Allen Haynes (Emmanuel) (Fall 2:20)

133 Zack Clary (Newberry) over Deven Perez (Emmanuel) (TF 18-1 5:00)

141 Isaiah Royal (Newberry) over Taquel Young (Emmanuel) (TF 15-0 7:00)

149 Dalton Flint (Emmanuel) over David Giantono (Newberry) (Dec 6-4)

157 Kevin Almond (Emmanuel) over Billy Christie (Newberry) (Dec 3-2)

165 Matthew Schmall (Emmanuel) over Nick Giantono (Newberry) (Dec 11-9)

174 Chase Forrester (Emmanuel) over Joey Rocca (Newberry) (Dec 3-1)

184 ZeBrandon Gant (Newberry) over Seth Bell (Emmanuel) (MD 14-6)

197 Cole Haile (Newberry) over Unknown (For.)

285 Patton Gossett (Newberry) over Preston Stell (Emmanuel) (MD 15-5)


Bellarmine University 25          Emmanuel College 12

125  Brandon Lucas (Bellarmine University) over Allen Haynes (Emmanuel) (TF 16-1 1:53)

133 Casey Ragle (Bellarmine University) over Deven Perez (Emmanuel) (Fall 2:14)

141 Alex Rhine (Bellarmine University) over Taquel Young (Emmanuel) (Dec 10-4)

149 Dalton Flint (Emmanuel) over Gage Branson (Bellarmine University) (Dec 5-4)

157 Kevin Almond (Emmanuel) over Eric Beck (Bellarmine University) (Dec 5-2)

165 Matthew Schmall (Emmanuel) over Gavin Grime (Bellarmine University) (Dec 5-0)

174  Andy Dobben (Bellarmine University) over Chase Forrester (Emmanuel) (Dec 6-5)

184 Andrew Sams (Bellarmine University) over Myles Williams (Emmanuel) (TF 19-4 6:11)

197  Charlie Cadell (Bellarmine University) over Seth Bell (Emmanuel) (Dec 4-2)

285 Preston Stell (Emmanuel) over Gerald Seeney (Bellarmine University) (Dec 8-1)


Southeastern University 38        Emmanuel College 9

125 Jaaziel Santana (Southeastern) over Deven Perez (Emmanuel) (TF 16-0 4:46)

133 Xavier Williamson (Southeastern) over Allen Haynes (Emmanuel) (Fall 0:27)

141 Ethan Owen (Southeastern) over Taquel Young (Emmanuel) (TF 17-0 3:59)

149 Dalton Flint (Emmanuel) over Jake Watters (Southeastern) (Dec 6-0)

157 Dylan Chatterton (Southeastern) over Kevin Almond (Emmanuel) (Dec 3-2)

165 Matthew Schmall (Emmanuel) over Tyler Person (Southeastern) (Fall 0:39)

174 Carlos Diaz (Southeastern) over Chase Forrester (Emmanuel) (Fall 1:40)

184 Jason Davis (Southeastern) over Seth Bell (Emmanuel) (MD 11-2)

197 Jesse Pryor (Southeastern) over Kyle Graham (Emmanuel) (Fall 0:50)

285 Silas Root (Southeastern) over Preston Stell (Emmanuel) (Dec 7-2)

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