Lady Lions Victorious over Belmont Abbey

Lady Lions Victorious over Belmont Abbey

Franklin Springs, G.A.- The Emmanuel Women's Basketball Team took on Belmont Abbey at home this afternoon. Top shooters of the game were Timia Reynolds and Elise Coberly. Elise Coberly snagged the most rebounds of the game. 

Avery Scarbrough started out the first quarter putting up the first two points of the game. Lochlain Corliss pulled out the first 3-pointer putting the ladies up 2-5. Avery Scarbrough put up a jump shot and Lochlain Corliss stole the ball from Belmont Abbey. Lochlain Corliss assisted Elise Coberly in her first 3-pointer of the game. Lochlain Corliss charged down the court to put up a layup. Timia Reynolds snagged her own offensive rebound to put up two points. Genesis Jones entered the game to put up a layup followed by Elise Coberly. The first quarter ended with the ladies up 13-18.

Taylor Dealsbour started off the second quarter strong with a steal from Belmont Abbey. Belmont Abbey regained possession of the ball, but Sydney Nash would get the defensive rebound. Genesis Jones grabbed an offensive rebound to put up a layup. Taylor Delasbour would come through with a huge block against Belmont Abbey which led to a foul. Gensis Jones would grab a defensive rebound and charged down the court by herself to put up a layup over Belmont Abbey. Timia Reynolds was the first to be fouled for the Lady Lions and she cleared both of her shots. The ladies are now up 15-24. Taylor Delasbour entered the game and put up a solid 3-pointer making the ladies up by ten. Taylor Delasbour flew right down the court for back-to-back 3-pointers. Timia Reynolds put up two points after the media timeout and the ladies are now up 21-32. From a missed shot by the ladies, Belmont Abbey got the rebound. Lochlain Corliss stole the ball back and Avery Scarbrough was fouled before she could shoot. She cleared one of her free throw shots. The second quarter ended with the Lady Lions up 25-35.

The third quarter started out with a layup by Timia Reynolds. The next play started with a steal by Mikayla Trombley leading to a layup by Timia Reynolds. Mikayla Trombley came through with her first 3-pointer to put the Lady Lions up 29-42. Timia Reynolds put up a layup and was followed by Elise Coberly. Elise Coberly was fouled after her shot and cleared her free throw. Ladies are now up by eight, 39-47. Timia Reynolds put up a layup after a steal by Elise Coberly. Ashlyn Loudermilk made a jump shot with an assist by Elise Coberly. The third quarter ended with a layup by Taylor Delasbour. The ladies are up 41-53.

The last quarter of the game began with a blocked shot by Taylor Delasbour. Sydney Nash was fouled for the ladies and cleared both her shots. Belmon Abbey stepped up their defense allowing for minimal scoring for the Lady Lions. Elise Coberly was fouled and given a chance to shoot. She cleared both of her shots. Elise Coberly made a jump shot and was fouled. She cleared two more shots. Timia Reynolds made a layup followed by a jump shot by Genesis Jones. The Lady Lions are now up by nineteen points. Mikayla Trombley was fouled and made both of her free throws. Timia Reynolds stole the ball from Belmont leading to Avery Scarbrough getting fouled. She made both of her shots to put the ladies up 47-68. Mikayla Trombley soared a 3-pointer with just a few seconds left. The fourth quarter ended with a final score of 51-71.

The Lady Lions now hold an overall record of 10-10, with a conference record of 8-8. The Lady Lions will play their next game at Lees-Mcrae on Tuesday Jan. 7th. That game will begin at 7:30 P.M.

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