The Lady Lions at the North Georgia Tournament

The Lady Lions at the North Georgia Tournament

Dahlonega, Ga- The Lady Lions were away this weekend where they played in the North Georgia Tournament. The ladies played a good game but unfortunately, were not able to pull a victory. Both games saw most the points put up by Trombley, Reynolds, and Coberly.

The first game of the tournament was against Georgia College. The ladies started out with good defense and saw the first two points of the game put up by Lochlain Corliss. Mikayla Trombley played good defense getting a rebound and then making her first three points of the game. The ladies were up 5-0 as MiKayla Trombley comes through with two more 3-point shots and Elise Corberly brings the first quarter to a close bringing the score up to 18-11. In the first minute of the second quarter, Coberly made her two free throw shots and Timia Reynolds came through with a 3-pointer. The game becomes tied 25-25, but Mikayla Trombley comes through yet again with a 3-pointer. The girls end the first half up by 7, score being 34-27. The ladies bring the fire in the third quarter gaining on Georgia College by 9 points. Elise Coberly made her first two 3-pointers of the night and the third quarter ended with the ladies up by 11 points, 57-46. Starting the last quarter of the game, the ladies start out slow, but still in the lead. Georgia College starts to gain on the Lady Lions and eventually trailing by two points. Georgia College puts up a 3-pointer and is now winning by 1. Mikayla Trombley comes through brining the ladies back up by 1, making the score 70-69. With 2 seconds left in the game, Georgia College scores and wins the game. The ladies put up a good fight and held the lead for a long time, but didn't pull out a win with the score being 70-71.

The second game of the tournament was played against North Georgia. North Georgia had a 3-0 record. The first quarter started out slow with the first points being put up 4 minutes into the game by Timia Reynolds. Timia Reynolds and Sydney Nash both scored one more time to end the first quarter with the girls trailing 6-10. The ladies started out the second quarter playing good defense and almost catching up to North Georgia. The ladies saw a potential comeback happen when Taylor Delasbour made two back-to-back 3-point shots, but North Georgia soon lead the girls 16-30. The girls hammered out some points to start out the third quarter. Lochlain Corliss made her first 3-pointer of the night, followed by MiKayla Trombley. Elise Coberly ended the third quarter with a 3-pointer, bringing the score up to 36-53. The fourth and final quarter showed great defense on both sides with minimal scoring seen. Elise Coberly started things out with a jump shot and then, with 4 minutes left, Mikayla Trombley came through with a 3-pointer. The score was now 41-59 and the ladies made their way to the score being 45-63. North Georgia was able to pull out one more score, which would end the game. The final score being 45-65.

The Lady Lions played two great games this weekend, even though they did not see a victory. The ladies now with a record of 1-2 will play their first conference game. The ladies will play again Tuesday Nov. 22nd at home against Mount Olive. The game will be starting at 5:30 P.M.

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