EC Lions Tennis earns Conference Win over Warriors!

EC Lions Tennis earns Conference Win over Warriors!

Franklin Springs, GA – The Emmanuel Tennis Team hosted the Southern Wesleyan Warriors today in another Conference Carolinas competition this Spring.

The Lions Team was eager to perform this afternoon and that was easily spotted at the beginning of the doubles matches. On court #3 the duo Canadas / Pereira were abusing of down the line passing shots and, in a blink, they gave EC a first point by 8-3. The story was similar on court #1 with Johansen / Jarry dominating the match and jumping on the scoreboard with a double break before clinching the win by 8-5.

With a 2-1 lead at the start of singles, Emmanuel had the edge in the overall event. On court #2, the freshman, Noah Johansen earned an early break on the first set that proved to be just enough to give the Lion a head start. The match got a little tight with short rallies but a lot of approaches to the net from both competitors. Johansen had some close calls on serve in the second set, but with smart plays, the Lion opened a 5-2 before closing the match and giving EC a third point by 6-3 6-2. On court #6 the Junior Enrique Alcacer was having an extremely solid day on court with a great defensive game. The EC player patiently built the points and waited for his moment to attack the net to earn a win by 6-3 6-2, putting the Lions a win away from clinching the event. On court #3 the Sophomore Juan Carlos Romero had to battle a lot but with a combination of well-timed lobs and precise passing shots, Romero closed the first set. With a series of unforced errors from home player, the Warrior quickly opened a 5-2 lead in the second set. Juan Carlos kept his mind in the game and fought back a lot to not only tie the set but to win 5 straight games and give the clincher to Emmanuel by 6-4 7-5. On court #5, Jorge Canadas had ups and downs through the day but with a solid performance, especially from the baseline, the Lion was able to get a 6th win by a 6-4 6-4 score.

Coming up next, Emmanuel will be back on the home courts this Saturday, facing another Conference opponent, the Limestone College Saints! First serve is scheduled for 2:30PM!



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