Men’s Tennis Roll Past Erskine in Conference Opener!

Men’s Tennis Roll Past Erskine in Conference Opener!

Franklin Springs, GA – The Emmanuel Tennis Team hosted the Erskine Flying Fleets today as the Conference opener.

Just like last week, the dual, Canadas / Pereira on court #3 grabbed the first win of the day without any issues and cruised with an 8-0 victory. On Court #1 the match was not much different, and with a much more aggressive style at the net and well-placed returns, the Freshmen duo formed by Jarry / Johansen earned the second point by 8-2. The Lions still earned the last third possible point by the hands of Alcacer / Romero who had a very convincing win by 8-1.

In singles play EC only needed 2 more points to clinch the event. The first one came from the Sophomore, Juan Carlos Romero, who only had to play the first three games before his opponent retired due to an injury.  A fifth win was on court #2 with the Freshman, Noah Johansen, who faced no problems and never dropped a game, winning with a perfect score of 6-0 6-0. Emmanuel did not stop and grabbed the last 4 possible wins today. On court #5, Jorge Canadas controlled the point with his forehands and with well timed dropshots, he also didn't give up any games, winning by 6-0 6-0. Not too long after, the Junior Enrique Alcacer hit angles and down the lines to give the seventh victory of the day by 6-1 6-1. On court #1 the Freshman Tom Jarry cruised in the first set but saw his opponent fight back, but the Lion was able to shut the flying fleet with a good service hold at 4-4 and break his opponent right after to clinch the eighth win by 6-1 6-4. Lastly, on court #4 Lucas Sasaki played a very intelligent first set before his opponent came back from a 4-1 score favoring the Lion. The match was taken to a tiebreaker, but the EC player proved to be more solid and finished the match with a 6-1 7-6 win.

This was EC first match in conference play this season, but the Lions will not have a long rest since they will be traveling this Friday to face Savannah School of Arts & Design in Atlanta. First serve is scheduled for 2PM!



Singles competition
1. Tom Jarry (EMMANUEL) def. Ritwik Bhriguvanshi (ERSKINE) 6-2, 6-4
2. Noah Johansen (EMMANUEL) def. Ary Boltansky (ERSKINE) 6-0, 6-0
3. Juan Carlos Romero (EMMANUEL) def. Nathan Cooper (ERSKINE) 3-0, retired
4. Lucas Hideo Sasaki (EMMANUEL) def. Ross Edgar (ERSKINE) 6-1, 7-6
5. Jorge Canadas (EMMANUEL) def. Liam Buckley (ERSKINE) 6-0, 6-0
6. Enrique Alcacer (EMMANUEL) def. Isaac Giddens (ERSKINE) 6-1, 6-1
Doubles competition
1. Noah Johansen/Tom Jarry (EMMANUEL) def. Ross Edgar/Ary Boltansky (ERSKINE) 8-2
2. Enrique Alcacer/Juan Carlos Romero (EMMANUEL) def. Nathan Cooper/Liam Buckley (ERSKINE) 8-1
3. Jorge Canadas/Lucas Pereira (EMMANUEL) def. Isaac Giddens/Ritwik Bhriguvanshi (ERSKINE) 8-0


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