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Emmanuel College Lions

Stanislas Raczynski Wins Nationals

Stanislas Raczynski Wins Nationals

Raczynski National Champion

EC distance swimmer, Stanislas Raczynski competed in the 2016 5K Open Water National Championships in Lawrence, Kansas, Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Lone Star Lake, near Lawrence, Kansas.

Raczynski completed the 2 lap 5000 meters swim course in 1 hour 1 minute and 6 seconds, for 1st place, and became EC swimming's first National Champion.
The men's race featured a hotly contested, narrow finish. Raczynski of Emmanuel College and Marcelo Figueiredo of Carson-Newman University were neck-and-neck until Raczynski surged ahead at the finish line, winning by just .65 seconds. Raczynski led from start to finish, despite making a wrong turn at the first buoy before readjusting and maintaining the lead position. He even lost his cap in the later quarter of the race, but was able to fend off his fellow Division II international counterpart.

Raczynski commented in his interviews "I've already swam some open water events so I kind of knew how it would go. I missed a few buoys, that was my mistake, but the water was really good, the race really interesting," Raczynski, who spent several minutes laying on his back on the dock after the 5K swim, said. "I was happy because I won, but I used a lot of effort when I missed the buoys to try to come back and not get behind. I was really exhausted."

Seven-time women's world marathon champion and distance swimming legend Shelley Taylor-Smith presented the awards and addressed the competitors at the event, which was a first attempt at open water swimming for many of the participants.

"It was really exciting to see," Taylor-Smith said. "I spoke to competitors and asked them how was it today, and they went, 'You know, it hurt,' but then they smiled and said it was quite enjoyable and fun. That's what it's about, because it is a different experience. There is no black line, so you're really dealing mostly with your head. The mindset is what's paramount in open water swimming.

Head EC Swim Coach, Allen Gilchrest commented; "All of us at EC are so proud of Stan. Competing at Nationals in a swim of this distance takes courage and a lot of hard work. Stan did make a few tactical errors during the race as he navigated the course, but was able to respond, recover and win, that is the mark of a Champion. We are so thankful to God, how he is blessing our team this season, and the season has just begun!" GO LIONS!


Link to KU video about race:


5 km National Collegiate Championship results:
1. Stanislas Raczynski (Emmanuel College) 1:01:06.43
2. Marcelo Figueiredo (Carson-Newman Universities) 1:01:07.28
3. Chris Bready (University of Cincinnati) 1:01:42.76
4. Din Selmanovic (University of Cincinnati) 1:03:26.01
5. Tyler Guist (Saint Louis) 1:04:16.62
6. Tyler Jones (University of Cincinnati) 1:04:20.07
7. Justin Crew (University of Cincinnati) 1:04:21.74
8. Josh Winn (Carson-Newman Universities) 1:04:26.16
9. Scott Street (Saint Louis) 1:04:26.59
10. Dominic Byrne (Colorado School of Mines) 1:04:27.56
11. Alex Mundt (Oklahoma Baptist University) 1:04:30.07
12. Felipe Ramirez (Oklahoma Baptist University) 1:05:09.64
13. Jeremy Goodison (Saint Louis) 1:05:58.74
14. Maclean Robertson (Albion College) 1:06:03.18
15. Kristijan Stunkovic (Oklahoma Baptist University) 1:06:04.02
16. Isaiah Williams (Saint Louis) 1:06:47.91
17. Jon Lancaster (Carson-Newman Universities) 1:07:10.03
18. Carson Knox (Carson-Newman Universities) 1:07:30.27
19. Jonathan Stewart (Oklahoma Baptist University) 1:07:41.38
20. Nick Belecanech (Saint Louis) 1:09:20.49
21. Brennan Mays (Colorado School of Mines) 1:09:38.90
22. Chacne Dodds (Colorado School of Mines) 1:09:41.97
23. Nick Jessee (Saint Louis) 1:09:42.15
24. Jonathan Donehower (Colorado School of Mines) 1:09:47.98
25. Greyson Goodwin (Ohio Weslyan University) 1:10:00.03
26. Kyle Harvey (Albion College) 1:11:13.24
27. Sebastian Tostado (Albion College) 1:11:37.39
28. Josip Miskovic (Oklahoma Baptist University) 1:13:23.74
29. Marcus Tonsman (Colorado School of Mines) 1:13:48.70
30. Josh Graber (Colorado School of Mines) 1:15:32.62
31. Loki Hondorf (Colorado School of Mines) 1:15:50.35
32. William Paull (Ohio Weslyan University) 1:17:32.37
33. Ryan Walker (Oklahoma Baptist University) 1:18:05.06


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