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Emmanuel College Lions



SEWANEE, TN --- Saturday, October 31, 2015. The lions competed in Day 2 of the 15th Annual Sewanee Invitational, hosted by Sewanee University of the South. 

Congratulations goes to Camilo Mendoza for setting meet records in the 200 IM and 400 IM; 

And the men's 200 Medley relay (Aleksandrowicz, Mendoza, Aguilar, Reichenbach), for setting a meet record. 


In the Stroke events, Mendoza finished 1st in the 400 IM (4:13:57), Raczynski placed 3rd (4:35:75), Rabern 14th (5:32.95). Pendergraft was the top EC finisher in the 100 back placing 6th (59.61). Mendoza finished 1st in the 100 breast (1:00.47), Reichenbach 4th (1:03.77), Foxworth 15th (1:26.77), Howe 16th (1:29.86).  


In the 200 fly, Aguilar placed 1st (1:58.98), Rabern 8th (2:39.01) placed 8th. In the 200 back Aguilar finished 1st again (1:59.09), Raczynski 4th (2:06.18), Pendergraft 8th (2:11.59) placed 8th. In the 200 breast, Reichenbach finished 2nd (2:18.72). In the 100 fly, Aguilar finished 1st (52.81), Aleksandrowicz 2nd (53.54). Finally, Mendoza finished 1st in the 200 IM (1:57.29) and Bonna placed 7th (2:12.27). 


In the Sprint events, Aleksandrowicz placed 1st in the 50 free (22.08), Reichenbach 4th (22.68), Bonna 7th (23.17), Nicholson 13th (26.03), Foxworth 15th (26.80), Wood 17th (28.27), and Howe 18th (28.56). In the men's 200 freestyle, Pendergraft finished 8th (1:57.81), Raczynski 3rd (1:51.68), Eavenson 14th (2:39.49). In the 100 free, Aleksandrowicz placed 1st (48.28), Bonna 7th (53.58), Nicholson 12th (58.05), Foxworth 14th (1:02:34), Wood 15th (1:03.76), and Howe 16th (1:08.26). 

In the Distance events, Nicholson finished the 500 free as the top EC swimmer in 6th place (5:38:81), Rabern (5:52.49) placed 8th, and Eavenson (7:29.55) placed 11th. 
In the Relays, (Aleksandrowicz, Mendoza, Aguilar, Reichenbach) finished 1st in the men's 200 yard medley relay (1:36.53) with a new meet record. This relay continues to be undefeated (6-0) in this event, this season. (Bonna, Pendergraft, Nicholson, Rabern) finished 2nd in the men's 200 yard free relay (1:33.17). 


Head Coach, Allen Gilchrest, commented; "The boys competed in 23 events over 2 days, with 81 swims overall from our guys, this is a strong team effort. We had no disqualifications, the boys finished 1st in 9 events today (1st in 15 out of 23 events for the meet). This was our first top 3 finish in an invitational in EC swimming history, it was a great 2 days! We give God the Glory!"