The Men's Basketball Team against Limestone Saints

The Men's Basketball Team against Limestone Saints

Gaffney, SC- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team played against the Limestone Saints in their 3rd conference game. The Lions lost in the final seconds of the game with the final score being 71-74. Our top scorers of the night were Kendrick Colvin scoring 20 points and Zach Lillie scoring 12.

Within the first minute of the game Colton Collins scored the first points of the night and put his first 3-pointer. Then, just twenty seconds later Colton Collins put up his second 3-pointer of the night. The Lions were playing great defense keeping the Saints from scoring until a free throw was made. Sam Turner came through with his jump shot to put up his first points of the game. Austin Greene made his first shot of the night followed by Colton Collins who made of his free throws due to a foul by the Saints. The Lions were now up 12-8. Kendrick Colvin made his first 3-pointer of the night, but it surely wouldn't be his last. Kendrick Colvin then added two more points to the board bringing the score to 19-12. Emerson McClung made his first points of the night to increase the lead by two more points, now having the score 21-16. Zach Vess enters the game for Kendrick Colvin and puts up four points between two jump shots within his first two minutes. Zach Lillie got a defensive rebound which led to Kendrick Colvin making his second 3-pointer of the night, with an assist by Austin Greene. In the next few seconds, Derek Vandiver got a defensive rebound and Kendrick Colvin scored his third 3-pointer for the game, with an assist by Austin Greene. The Lions were now up 32-25. The team was hype for Kendrick Colvin and could feel that he wasn't done yet. Limestone had missed their last few shot attempts when Kendrick Colvin flew down the court and dunked on the Saints. Zach Lillie added 3-points onto the board with the Lions now leading 37-27. The Saints tried to come back, but fell short at the end of the half. The score to start the second half will be 37-33.

The second half started out a little slow on our part and allowed the Saints to come back within one points of the Lions. Emerson McClung put up the first two points of the half against Limestone. Zach Lillie and Emerson McClung put up six more points brining the score to 45-40. Zach Lille stole the ball from the Saints and flew down the court when the Saints fouled him. Zach Lillie made one of his free throws to bring the score to 46-40. The scoring stays tight for a while with points put up by both sides including our own Austin Greene, Colton Collins, and Zach Lillie. Kendrick Colvin enter the game for Nick Scheimann and within just a few seconds gets a turnover from the Saints and dunks on them for the second time tonight. After his dunk, the Saints missed a 3-pointer and Kendrick rebounded the ball. The Saints stole the ball from Kendrick Colvin who stole the ball right back. Kendrick Colvin made it a little way down the court to have the ball stolen again and Kendrick Colvin ended up fouling the player. No free throw shots were made by the Saints.  Zach Vess stole the ball from the Saints and put up two points. He was followed by Austin Greene putting up another two points, making the Lions up by 8 with the score 60-52. The Saints started fouling back to back allowing Austin Greene to put up three free throws and Emerson McClung to put up two. The Saints stole the ball from the Lions, but it was no good when Kendrick Colvin blocked their shot. Austin Greene fouled the Saints which allowed them to tie the game up 67-67 with two minutes left in the game. Austin Greene made a jump shot followed by the Saints, with the game now tied 69-69. The Saints got a tip-in now leading the Lions by two, but not for long when Kendrick Colvin made a jump shot to tie the game 71-71. With two seconds left in the game the Saints score a 3-pointer bringing the score 71-74. The Lions attempted to make one final basket in the last second, but the score stayed 71-74.

The Lions played great defense tonight against the Saints. The Men's Lions now hold a 4-4 record overall, with a 2-1 conference record. The Lions will play again away at Bob Jones on Tuesday Nov. 6th. That game will begin at 7:00 P.M.

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