Head Archery Coach Rodney Estrada To Participate In USOC Coach Training Program

Head Archery Coach Rodney Estrada To Participate In USOC Coach Training Program

Emmanuel College Head Archery Coach Rodney Estrada has been nominated by the National Governing Body to participate in the 2018 Coach Accelerator Program (CAP). The United States Olympic Committee accepted the nomination, allowing Coach Estrada to be a member of this advanced training. 

"I am looking forward to learning all I can for the athletes I train and all of the Archery Community and Emmanuel College." Said Coach Estrada. "This is a very exciting and elite training to be a part of."

CAP aims to provide identified high performance coaches within each NGB's coach pipeline with a foundational base of high performance coaching knowledge and skills that are practical and scientifically based. Grounded in the USOC's Quality Coaching Framework, CAP provides the opportunity to practice new coaching skills, collaborate with other sport coaches and plan future development in areas that improve overall coach and athlete performance outcomes. CAP is facilitated by USOC Coaching and Sport Performance staff and uses an experiential learning design for engagement and team building throughout the program.  CAP brings together a small cohort of coaches from all Olympic and Paralympic sports to learn with and from each other in areas that go beyond the 'what to coach' (technical/tactical) and into the 'how and why you coach' (leadership, values, relationships, reflection).

Congratulations to Coach Rodney Estrada on his recognition and participation in this advanced training.

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