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Swim Team Community Outreach

Swim Team Community Outreach

Emmanuel College Sports Information Department

ROYSTON, Ga. - On Friday, October 26, the Men's & Women's swim team helped a local church unload fifteen hundred pumpkins, for their annual Pumpkin Patch fundraiser.

Men's swim team captain Wyatt Nicholson...
"We had a wonderful experience unloading 1,500 plus pumpkins off of a huge semi-truck for the Royston First UMC. I think some of us were surprised at how much work it took, so I know everyone was thankful we had such a good turnout to help. It was awesome to get involved with the local community as a team and as representatives of Emmanuel College".

Women's swim team captain Stephanie Canady...
"It was a good experience. Everyone really seemed to work well together and had a fun time helping the local church."

Each year, the Royston First United Methodist Church hosts their annual Pumpkin Patch fundraiser. The pumpkins come from a Native American Indian reservation in New Mexico.

The truck, full of pumpkins is driven three days and arrives in Georgia to be unloaded by volunteers from the community. During the month of October the pumpkins are sold and all proceeds are used for outreach ministry by the Royston First UMC.

Head Swim Coach, Allen Gilchrest commented;
"What a great biblical model for our student athletes to experience. Imagine pumpkins being purchased in New Mexico helping the income of a Native American population, then student-athletes from Australia, Columbia, and multiple U.S. states helping to unload the pumpkins. In turn the pumpkins are sold to fund missions, here in the U.S. and internationally. Wow! We need each other and are stronger together than we are individually."