Rome, GA - - The Emmanuel College women's swim team traveled to Berry College on Saturday October 19, 2019. The dual meet consisted of 14 swimming events. Emmanuel took the win on both sides, winning on the women's side 189-86 and 187-79 on the men's side.

The Emmanuel Lady Lions finished 1st in 13 out of the 14 swimming events contested, and 9 different EC female swimmers earned 1st place during the meet. The ladies also broke 3 pool records.



In the 200 medley relay, the B relay (Calka, Aloisio, Hunter, Davidson) finished 1st (1:51.15) the A relay (Ostojska, Simioni, Hayes, Arnold) finished 2nd (1:51.49) both breaking the pool record. The C relay (Svonja, Pieterse, Carta, Rodriguez) finished 4th (2:02.83)


In the 1000 free, Zuzanna Malinowska finished 2nd (11:20.96) Margo Koets 3rd (11:27.87) Paula Chenquer 6th (12:39.79)

In the 200 free, Gabriela Aguiar finished 1st (1:58.67) Karolina Ostojska 3rd (2:00.06) Natalia Rodriguez 5th (2:06.89)

In the 100 back, Julia Simioni finished 1st (1:00.37) Allison Hunter 3rd (1:04.03) Mateja Svonja 4th (1:04.75)

In the 100 breast, Valentina Aloisio finished 1st (1:07.80) Paula Chenquer 4th (1:13.58) Denita Pieterse 6th (1:17.14)

In the 200 fly, Natalie Hayes finished 1st (2:09.28) Gabriela Aguiar 4th (2:24.09) Anna Calka 6th (2:27.74)

In the 50 free, Carmen Arnold finished 1st (24.80) Samantha Davidson 2nd (25.08) Lydia Scharff 3rd (25.98)


In the 100 free, Gabriela Aguiar finished 1st (54.95) Carmen Arnold 2nd (55.84) Samantha Davidson 3rd (57.23)

In the 200 back, Allison Hunter finished 1st (2:18.50) Mateja Svonja 3rd (2:20.66) Lydia Scharff 5th (2:26.62)

In the 200 breast, Julia Simioni finished 1st (2:28.76) Valentina Aloisio 2nd (2:32.36) Paula Chenquer 5th (2:38.99)

In the 500 free, Karolina Ostojska finished 1st (5:24.26) Zuzanna Malinowska 2nd (5:33.91) Victoria Carta 5th (5:39.18)

In the 100 fly, Natalie Hayes finished 1st (59.79) Anna Calka 3rd (1:01.94) Yara Bouckaert 4th (1:04.14)

In the 200 IM, Julia Simioni finished 1st (2:13.13) Natalie Hayes 2nd (2:15.52) Anna Calka 3rd (2:17.13)


In the 200 free relay, the A relay (Aguiar, Ostojska, Davidson, Arnold) finished 1st in a pool record (1:40.98) the B relay (Aloisio, Scharff, Hunter, Svonja) finished 2nd (1:43.18) the C relay (Rodriguez, Koets, Malinowska, Chenquer) finished 4th (1:49.03)


NEXT UP: The Lady Lions head to Sewanee, TN this Friday - Saturday, October 25-26, to compete in the 19th Annual Sewanee Invitational. GO LIONS! 

For more info on EC athletics, go to: www.goeclions.com