Lions Lost the Semi-Finals, but Will Play for Third Place

Lions Lost the Semi-Finals, but Will Play for Third Place

Winona Lake, I.N.- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team is in Indiana for the National Championship. The Lions won the first round of the tournament and went on to play against Ohio Christian University in the semi-finals. They fought a hard fight, but could not pull out the win at the end of the second half. The final score of the game was 80-75. Zach Lillie and Emerson McClung were the top scorers, both scoring 18-points. Zach Vess had the most rebounds with 11-total.  

Austin Greene started out the first half with a good two points. Zach Lillie put up the next four points. Colton Collins scored his first two points with a jump shot. Zach Lillie snagged a defensive rebound assisting Kurtis Robinson with his first two points which tied the game 10-10. OCU handed out a foul to Emerson McClung who made of his free throws. Zach Vess grabbed an offensive rebound and made a jump shot off it. Derek Vandiver was fouled and made three of his three free throws. Emerson McClung stole the ball from OCU to put up a jump shot. Ronnie Stanley made a jump shot with an assist from Kurtis Robinson. Colton Collins cleared the first 3-pointer of the game. Lions lost the lead to OCU and were down 41-35. Austin Greene was fouled and added two more points to the board. He turned around and put up a jump shot to end the first half. The Lions were still down, 41-39.

The second half started off with Kurtis Robinson putting up a jump shot. Zach Lillie drove down the court for a jump shot off a defensive rebound he snagged. Austin Greene was fouled on his jump shot. He made his free throw. The Lions attempted to regain the lead with back-to-back jump shots from Zach Vess and Zach Lillie. They were now up 51-50. Zach Lillie made a 3-pointer with an assist from Jack Fitzpatrick. Emerson McClung was fouled and made his two free throws. He turned around to put up his first 3-pointer of the game. Ronnie Stanley drove down the court to make a jump shot. Zach Lillie made his second 3-pointer of the game. The Lions had one minute left in the game and they were down 74-71. Ronnie Stanley had a big play when he stole the ball from OCU to put up his first 3-pointer of the game. This brought the Lions up 74-73. OCU scored and then fouled Emerson McClung. Emerson McClung made both of his shots bringing the Lions back up 76-75. The Lions fouled OCU twice and the game ended 80-75.

The Lions played a tough game, but did not pull out this win. They will go on to play on Saturday, March 18th at 10:00 A.M. against Grace College for third place.

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