Lions Basketball Defeated by Barton

Lions Basketball Defeated by Barton

Wilson, N.C.- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team hoped to carry on their win streak with a victory over Barton College, but Barton pulled out a 12-point win. Zach Lillie led the game with 24-points and 8 rebounds.

Zach Lillie set his tone in the first thirty seconds of the game by putting a dunk over Barton. Colton Collins put up his first 3-pointer of the game. Barton had already taken over the lead, but Zach Lillie put up back-to-back layups. Lions were trailing 9-17 when Zach Lillie cleared his first 3-pointer. Kurtis Robinson made his jump shot. Derek Vandiver entered the game and put up his first 3-pointer. Barton played good defense, but didn't stop Austin Greene from scoring a 3-pointer. Bringing this Lions up 20-27. Kurtis Robinson was fouled and made a free throw. Derek Vandiver made his second 3-pointer of the game. Ronnie Stanley came down the court to put up his first 3-pointer of the game. Kurtis Robinson followed with a layup, bringing the Lions up 29-39. Zach Lille ended the first half the same way he started it. Zach Lillie charged down the court and dunked over Barton without an assist. The first half ended with the Lions down 31-46.

The second half started out with a layup from Kurtis Robinson. Austin Greene scored a layup next bringing the Lions up 35-53. Zach Lillie stole the ball from Barton assisting Kurtis Robinson with a layup. Zach Lillie cleared back-to-back layups. Kurtis Robinson snagged on offensive rebound to put up a layup. Austin Greene worked his way through Barton's defense to clear a jump shot. Austin Greene was fouled twice and made his three free throws. Kurtis Robinson made a layup off an offensive rebound. He was fouled and made both free throws. Sam Turner made a jump shot followed by a free throw. Derek Vandiver made his second 3-poitner of the night. Zach Lillie was on fire tonight as he went up in the air for his third dunk over Barton. Austin Greene was fouled and made both of his free throws. He preceded to put up a layup, but missed. Zach Lillie grabbed the rebound and put dunked over Barton for the fourth time. Zach Lillie put up his second 3-pointer of the game. Zach Lillie snagged an offensive rebound and put up a layup to end the game. The Lions played a hard game, but Barton won 73-85.

The Lions now have an overall record of 15-11 and a Conference Carolina of 10-8. The Lions will play their last home game on Tuesday Feb. 21st, which will begin at 5:30 P.M. This game will host Senior Night for all senior basketball players.

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