The Lions Tough Game Against Limestone

The Lions Tough Game Against Limestone

Franklin Springs, G.A.- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team took on Limestone College in a big conference game. Before this game, Limestone was 6-0 in our conference while Emmanuel was 5-1, with our only loss being to Limestone. The Lions played a tough game and regained the lead a few times in the game, but were unable to pull out a win. The final score of the game was 74-61. The top scorer with 13-points was Austin Greene. Zach Lilie, Zach Vess, and Emerson McClung followed scoring 10-points apiece. Zach Lillie led in total rebounds for the game.


The Lions started out with a foul on Emerson McClung and he added the first two points to the board. Austin Greene had a blocked shot, but Zach Lillie got the offensive rebound and put up a layup to add two more points. Ronnie Stanley entered the game and made his first 3-pionter of the game. Zach Lillie made a layup, but the Lions were still trailing. Austin Greene got a defensive rebound and Colton Collins made his first 3-pointer of the game. Austin Greene followed with another 3-pointer, which was his first of the game. The Lions were now only down two points when Zach Vess came through with a layup to tie the game. Zach Vess was fouled and added one point to the board to officially gain the lead. Limestone scored to take over the lead, but Ronnie Stanley tied the game back up. Jack Fitzpatrick tied the game up in the last few seconds of the half with the score 32-32.


The Lions came out ready to play in the second half. Emerson McClung stole the ball from the Saints leading to Zach Lillie making the first dunk of the game, with an assist by Zach Vess. Scoring was back to back for both teams, but Limestone ended up breaking away with a small lead. Kurtis Robinson was fouled and made one of his free throws. Limestone turned over the ball and Ronnie Stanley made his second 3-pointer of the game. The Lions were down by one point and Emerson McClung comes through with the second dunk of the night over the Saints, with an assist by Ronnie Stanley. The Lions took the lead with a layup by Zach Vess and two free throws by Colton Collins. Zach Vess added four points to the board and the Lions were now up by four points with seven minutes left in the game. The game closed with countless fouls on both teams. The Lions fought hard, but were not able to pull out the win with a final score of 74-61.


The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team now have an overall record of 10-5, with a conference record of 5-2. The Lions next game with be Saturday Jan. 14th at Mount Olive. That game will begin at 4:00 P.M.


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