National Athletic Training Month

National Athletic Training Month

Franklin Springs, Ga. - Here at Emmanuel College we believe that we have the best staff in all of collegiate sports, and it so happens that there is an entire month to recognize several of our most important staff. March is National Athletic Training Month, it is a month designed to spread awareness about the important and essential work that athletic trainers do. The 2017 slogan for the National Athletic Trainers' Association is "Your protection is our priority", and we see that philosophy every day in our training room. Athletic trainers represent so much more than simply injury prevention and treatment, their daily interaction with student athletes adds a personal connection that is treasured greatly. Senior Cody Norris added, "We are blessed to have an athletic training room full of staff who care about our happiness, emotional well-being, and personal lives as much as they care about our physical health."

Zach Vess, a senior on the Men's Basketball team commented, "Very thankful for the trainers that have been available in my last four years. They are diligent, high-spirited, and show true professionalism. Thank you Sandy, Anna, Matty-Ice, Taylor, and Deanna for bandaging up all our battle wounds."

Katie McCall, a senior on the Women's Lacrosse team had this to say about Assistant Athletic Trainer, Anna Kellogg, "I've never felt more confident in a trainer or anyone dealing with my shoulder issues than Anna. I am always confident she will do whatever it takes to help me. She is more than a trainer to me, I look at her as a friend. Emmanuel College is blessed to have her on staff". 

Stephanie Lamm is a junior on the women's soccer team who recently had surgery on a stress fracture in her knee and scar tissue removal in her ankle. Since surgery, her daily routine has included sessions with Assistant Athletic Trainer Matthew Cichanski where he breaks down and pushes out cartilaginous tissue buildup. Lamm commented this in reference to those sessions, "I hate being injured, but Matt is my favorite part of therapy besides the fact that he makes me cry sometimes. He just tells me to laugh through the pain". 

Chloe O'Connor, a junior on the women's tennis team had this to say about the athletic training staff, "During my freshman year, I was injured and had to have surgery. As I am an international, my parents were not able to be there for me. However, the EC trainers were incredible with me, they made sure I was recovering well, and helped me with all of my insurance too. Mrs. Sandy and Anna treated me with the utmost care, and I received exceptional rehab. It is because of their rehab and care that I was able to get back on the court and play the game that I love. I have great respect and admiration for the EC trainers".

Even though March is National Athletic Training Month, we are grateful for our wonderful trainers year round. On behalf of the entire athletic department, thank you for all that each of you do!

Athletic Training Staff Members Left to Right: 

Anna Kellogg, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Charlotte Rose Kellogg, Trainer in training)

Sandy Campbell, Head Athletic Trainer

Matthew Cichanski, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Deanna Simmons, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

Taylor Wheaton, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer